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Ligne De Briquet De Charbon Lignine (MN-2)

Informations de base

Modèle:  MN-2

Description du produit

Modèle NO .: MN-2 Classification: Additifs chimiques Aspect: Poudre Article: Charbon Briquet Carbure Contenu Lignosulfonate: 45-65% Dosage: 0.2-0.3% dans les matériaux de Cemeting Solubilité: Facile Soluble dans l'eau Spécification: SGS Code SH: 380400009 Efficacité: High Range Water Reducer Type: Lignosulfonate de sodium Couleur: Jaune Brown pH: 10-12 Contenu solide: 93% Max. Norme exécutive: GB 8076-2008 Marque déposée: Yuansheng Origine chimique: Shandong, Chine Briqueterie à charbon Lignin (MN-2)

Description du produit
What is the Lignin?
Trade Name Lignin Chemical Name xylogen, lignose
Appearance Red brown powder
CAS.No. 8068-05-1
EINECS.No. 23-25-059
Towards Concrete, feed, fertilizer, pesticide, leather industry and so on.
Lignin is an anionic surfactant. Two of pulp and sulfur chloride solution and sulfite reaction product of pulp production is a by-product, usually 4-hydroxy-3-trimethoxybenzaldehyde of polymers. The general quality of low molecular weight sulfonates, mostly for straight-chain, the solution associating together; Polymer Lignosulfonate branch chain mostly in aqueous polymerization shown -- referred to the act. The absence of lignin sulfonate widely used in animal feed grain, refined lignin sulfonate for oil drilling mud dispersant; Flotation agent, slime, dyes, pesticides dispersant; The heavy metals, especially iron, copper, tin ions better chelating ability to be an effective the chelating agent.
Dosage In the concrete, the dosage is 0.2 to 0.3%, recommended dosage is 0.25%.

Application du produit
Why do we produce the Lignin?
Concrete Can be used as a water reducer, an air-entrained agent, a retarder, a pumping agent, an early strength agent. it can improve the workability of the concrete, and improve project quality. It can inhibit slump loss when used in summer.
Cement Can be used as a grinding aid. after adding cement grinding aid,it can reduce cement clinker by 6-10% and increase the amount of mixing materials by 6-10%.
Feed Can be used an adhesive for feed granulation. it improves the palatability of livestock and poultry,reduces the micro-powder amount of feeds, and lowers the cost. the production capacity is improved by 10 to 20 percent.
Fertilizer It improve granulation rate, reduce the time, improve the strength of granulation,  make the granulation have good surface finish, improve the effect of fertilizer and improve the production capacity.
Pesticide It can be used as a filling agent, dispersant and suspending agent, greatly improve the wettable powder suspension rate and wettability.
Ceramic / Refractory Dispersant and adhesive, it improves the rate of finished products by 70 to 90 percent, reduces the sintering speed to 40 minutes from 70 minutes, and has good effects such as water reduction, reinforcement, cracking prevention and so on.
Printing / Dye Be used as a filler and a dispersant for vat dyes and disperse dyes. It can make the coloring high, and make the color uniform, it can also shorten the time of the dye mill.
Leather Can be used as a tanning auxiliary, improve the flex resistance of the leather.
Control It has the control of the roads, soil and dust.

Indicateur de produit

Principaux indicateurs:
Test Items Speicifaction
Appearance Dark brown powder
Dry matter ≥93%
Lignosulfonate 45-65%
pH 10-12
Water ≤5%

Ensemble de produits
Our preparations before you own the Lignin.
Package 25KG/bag for lignin, outer woven bags with inner plastic lining. We also can offer jumbo bag such as 400KG/bag, 500KG/bag, 600KG/bag.
Non-toxic, harmless, non-inflammable and non-explosive chemicals, it can be transported in truck and train.
Storage Kept in dry and ventilating place, prevent from rain and moisture when storage, if agglomerated, please crush and make it into solution, and its effect will be the same.

Notre compagnie
Where do our confidences come from?
  Our Products Others Products

1. High water reduce rate
2. Good performance
3. No negative side effects
4. High quality and high quanlity
The effect is not obvious, or has other bad performance, and high quanlity with low quality.

1. Different price levels
2. Reasonable price and you will get what you paid for
Low price with low quality or replacing the product

1 . Quick response for customer's questions with professional answer .
2 . Supply all the support that we can do in china if customers visit us .
3 . To help our customers open and stabilize the market in their country with our professional production, sales and services .
4. We have stock in warehouse , the normal specification with normal packing could be delivered to the port in one day .
5.We are gold supplier inAlibaba and Made-In-China , also verfied by SGS .

Have hysteretic services or even no services after you buy the product.
Payment Various payment will be supported Single payment

Jinan Yuansheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.(Hereafter referred to Yuansheng) is a professional manufacturer which is devoted to provide customers with the most suitable products. Since founded in 2009, Yuansheng has been focused on research, production and sales of various of chemical products. The main products include: concrete admixtures, fertilizer additives, ceramic additives, coal water slurry additives, textile additives, pesticide additives, etc.

Yuansheng has 3 factories, 5 production lines, 2 professional sales companies, 6 cooperation factories, 2 co-laboratory which belongs to 211 University. And has achieved a full range of production monitoring, which includes product research and development, raw materials testing, synthetic materials testing, finished product quality testing, etc. 

Yuansheng doesn't only provide the careful service during pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale, but also ensures the products' quality and the ability of stocking.
As to marketing network, in China, Yuansheng Chemical has covered every province&city; for abroad, it has covered more than 30 countries and areas, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. So far, our products has gained good reputation and popularity in the target markets.

Yuansheng people look forward to cooperating with all customers for a glorious future!

Maybe you want to know those.
Question 1:
Are all specifications of one product have the same application?
Answer :
Different specification mainly to different industries and markets. Prices are also different.
Question 2:
Are all specifications of one product have the same application?
Different specification mainly to different industries and markets. Prices are also different.
Question 3:
What is the MOQ?
Answer :
Question 4:
Can you make OEM production?
Answer :
For customers from different countries and areas with different manufacturing raw materials, we can make it after learning well of your basic datas.
Question 5:
Do you have any certificates?
Answer :
Yes. We have SGS certificate, Air Identification and so on.

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